Monday, March 22, 2004

Fourty five minutes to the BRM end term but just couldn't resist blogging on . have been listening to MAIN HOON NA since yesterday. Read review's here . Nice feel good music. Farah Khan's first directorial venture. No the story is not different ;). But maybe the Sharaukh, Sushmita charm will carry this one through. Though should start from where did Anu MAlik source the music of this one.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Blogging is defintely amazingly addictive. People do wonderful things to differentiate their blogs from the rest . Infact just realized my text only version is pretty elementary. Blogging has gone the visual way with photoblogging

Check out this picture blog by Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Also interesting is Nilesh Chaudhri's photoblog , the only one listed in the Indian category at the above site

Well endterms I did mention them right. have had three more. The lesser said the better,. But never the less if you need some online resources check out also specifically MIS MCQ's

Saturday, March 20, 2004

How many times you have gone to a newspaper site and not got the satisfaction that comes from reading a hardcopy. Infact one school of thought believes it was of the reasons why newspapers decided to go inline. Most of them believed online versions would not satiate the real readers thirst for scanning through that ruffle of fresh crisp paper in their hands every morning would actually increase sales. So if you too think online papers are not the real thing check this initiative by Newspaper on the web n Really cool

Infact as I look back Times Of India is indeed a organization that has changed itself with the times. ( I shall purposely refrain from taking the judgmental line here). No wonder its one the most widely circulated one in India. Come of think of it, first with Saturday magazine,first with gloss paper magazine, first with supplements , first to cut prices to give competition a run for a its money, first come up with city editions, first to go color, first even to turn itself almost into a tabloid. Doesn't it sound like an organization that reads the customers mind, is first to embrace change and innovation.Quite unlike some dogmatic others. No wonder it has sustained on the growth part of its curve for so long.

Come to think of it being able to read and situation , change yourself is such an amazing quality to have and yet it so few of us have it. Even the bravest among us don't take to criticism constructive/otherwise kindly to talk of changing something because of it.

Infact it makes me think of three different proffs on campus - one insists that he does not believe in the present system of things, he is cool & different infact his whole perspective on life and education is different, all this supposedly does not matter to him. Really nice man to talk to but when it comes to taking the fact that maybe we do not agree with some of the things he says- he gets into this mode of convincing us that his point of view method of thinking and everything related to it is right, and ofcourse he very nicely says that we'll realize its importance later in life.

There is this another teacher who again can not take criticism. He has decided our opinions on the matter are not important. Though he won't make a nicely disguised effort of trying to prove his point of view right, he will just classify us as wrong. This is not to say I do admire his patience in dealing with some stuff but nevertheless its definitely takes a lot to look objectively at things on certain times

and then there is this third one he completely dismisses the system , he refuses to be part of it or acknowledge its use what so ever. For him it belong to a world which he has accidently entered and doesn't want to do anything with. He refuses to believe that this system to caters to a section of people who are smart, intelligent, capable in their own right

Come to think of it which of these three approaches would be a success if I were to find my way outside... Life is so full of lessons every where

Friday, March 19, 2004

Gosh Gosh What Am I doing!! 4 hours to an endterm and I am wasting time here reading people's blogs & surfing the net.

The fight is not in four hours though. Its in the fact that I found enough reasons to waste time yesterday also and am just at the starting stage of my preparation(read I am yet to begin). God bless me!

Anyways Parveen has a pretty interesting blog while Ashok's at first glance to be so much like mine.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Have added embellishments to my blog, the links and the comments feature to ensure its not me blabbering out stuff to the world and the communication is two way :)
Of course I am assuming that there are people who land up and interested in getting back to about the cryptic stuff I write here ;)

OKie just finished the match and we lost by 12 runs. Some fight though Tendulakar's 141 and the also towards the end. The crowd in front of the TV in all three hostels was at its excited best.

Today was the begining of the end of the term (interesting sentence right :)Finished with the Organizational Theory endterm. Was an easy one.The real fight is some other papers actually. next job for day the SPSS lessons

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Am back to blogging. Ofcourse i have not been as regular as I wanted to be. Can't even say did whatever was to be done in the last 10 days. Three projects still stare at me right in the face .Anyways endterms, projects and all that is here to stay.I have learnt to live with all that. With all committee elections and room allocations over, the level of tussle/activity at this place has come down a bit. To be honest there were quite a few surprises here & there. I too learnt a lot of lessons in the process.

The real action today was the narrow finish to first India-Pakistan one dayer, which we won by 5 runs. Even the BRM proff was busy watching the photo finish as we sat waiting in class. On the academic front, there were tests for certain electives, HR ones primarily. Professor Madhukar Shukla also floated a new one ,'Cross Cultural Management'. No I did not take the test..;)

Was wondering the other day, at this place you are cut off from the rest of the world, just like an island in the sea. You get your supplies from the mainland and for all practical purposes that is your only link/concern. You don't need to bother beyond this place. I wish life was that insular, isolated, but its not. Maybe B-Schools should realize this strange irony in the process of creation of managers. After all elitists like us are supposed to deal with very different ground realities out there.

Anyways, just to close off got this very interesting forward from a friend. Now
everyone talks about sun signs and people,but in the process of being politically correct, most us talk about only the bright side of the coin.This one exclusively focuses on dark one, pretty unusual.

Dark Side of your Zodiac Sign
Capricorn (dec 22 - jan 19)
You are rather materialistic and it is fueled by your fears of financial disaster. this makes you complain about monetary woes, irritating many with your obnoxious attitude. you can also be a social climber, manipulating your way up the ladder; name-dropping all the way to the top. once in a while, you'll have morbid thoughts about death something that scares you because you have no control over it. you tend to be obsessive about your mortality sometimes.
Stop worrying about losing money, and you'd rid yourself of unfounded nightmares. stop manipulating others and you'll be free to concentrate on attaining your goals. get rid of your phobias and you'll be able to relax more and enjoy yourself.

Aquarius (jan 20 - feb 18)
You tend to be too idealistic and naive sometimes. practicality gets thrown out of the wind! ow by you many times. cool and aloof, you rarely want to deal with deep emotions. you like to give advice but don't like to receive it. and ideas and inspirations that you sometimes neglect or follow through with them are constantly bombarding you. or else you are constantly shifting focus, giving people the idea with no staying power.
Take time to explore your private feelings. not all people see things your way. and just because you come up with ideas, don't expect other people to do all the work for you. learn to trust people and accept advice.

Pisces (feb 19 - mar 20)
You are an escapist - you have this knack of avoiding issues if they seem unpleasant. you delve into past memories to escape your present woes. there is also a tendency towards alcoholism and even drug abuse - you are on a search for some kind of 'high'. you also love to flirt and too much of it may send the wrong, dangerous signals out to! other people. once in a while, a dark mood will descend on you and you become rather unsociable and withdrawn.
Trust your instincts, but also be in control of your perceptions. whenever the escapist tendency hits you, join a seminar or get a pep talk from a friend to get your perspective right.

Aries (mar 21 - apr 20)
A warrior at heart, you thrive on challenges and any strife and dramas, you are tempted to stir things up, just to keep yourself happy. you are also rather intolerant of mistakes and don't have patience for weakness or failings in others. and sometimes, you can be quite a snob as well you like to be seen at the right places or wear the right clothes. and you're also prone to bossiness. your restless nature may make you quit a project suddenly if you can't sustain the interest.
Get off your high horse and pay your dues before people will accept you. lea! rn to be more tolerant of others and try to see the other person's side of the story. if you believe in what you do, you can move mountains.

Taurus (apr 21 - may 20)
You are stubborn and like to hold onto things, not wanting to let go of anything or anyone. you are slow to anger, but when you do get worked up to a rage - everyone step aside! you also have a selfish streak and can be quite sneaky as well. and although people may see you as helpful and agreeable, you sometimes have an inner struggle wanting the approval of others while sticking to your own opinions. you also tend to be suspicious of others and question their motives.
Stop being mean and try to be nice. learn to forgive and let go of your past disappointments. learn from your mistakes and have faith in yourself and others as well.

Gemini (may 21 - jun 21)
Your devil-may-care attitude sometimes could bring harm to! yourself - you tend to live on the edge sometimes. many of you believe that you don't deserve success, somehow feeling guilty for it. you may give others too much of yourself sometimes that you lose yourself. you may be prone to suppressing motions as well. and at times that makes it difficult for you to accept affection and love.
Work at listening to others and don't be tempted to try daring devil stunts all the time. and try doing something for yourself and once in a while, in between, doing favors for others. you're human, after all.

Cancer (jun 22 - jul 22)
You can get carried away with emotions - your anger is overwhelming and your sadness can depress all those around you. you're also ultra-sensitive to other people's emotions and are affected by these as well. you tend to react before you think and then brood about what you may have done or said wrong. you are also prone to p! eriods of morbidity, thinking dark thoughts. feelings of insecurity creep in now and then, making you snappish or else you try to win the approval of everyone at your expense.
Accept that you are hypersensitive to emotions and work with yours. go with the flow and by doing the right thing, you set an example for others. work with others and this will help build your confidence and open you up.

Leo (jul 23 - aug 22)
On the rare occasion you lose your temper, you can turn into a savage beast. you seem to need an audience as well, to help boost your confidence and ego, sometimes. other times, you get caught up in the outward dramas of your life that you neglect what you're feeling inside. this results in a delayed reaction when emotions sneak up on you and you get hit with a whammy. you also tend to be proud and aggressive, cloaking these with your charm. when things don't go your way, you g! et impatient and may even throw a tantrum.
Learn to spend some time alone with yourself and get to know yourself better. and learn to experience your emotions at the moment; don't store them up for another time. and know that not all means justify the ends.

Virgo (aug 23 - sep 22)
You have a martyr complex, feeling that you were put on this earth to do good work and not receive any credit for it. you tend to be ultra critical of yourself and others and you also worry about things that are beyond your control. a little pessimistic sometimes, you tend to be an intellectual snob. you bottle up all your insecurities and fears, and hesitate to reach out for help. and once in a while, you become a busybody that's when you also feel responsible for other people's problems.
Modesty has its own limits - take credit for your efforts. give yourself a break and know! that you do not have to be successful in everything you do. keep focused and don't get tangled in other people's affairs too often.

Libra (sep 23 - oct 23)
Your inability to reach a decision in matters of personal action is legendary. you like to weigh all the alternatives and hear every side of an argument - but this may take time and opportunities may pass you by because of it. you also like to expand energy on people who may not deserve it - you want to help the underdog. you are also sensitive to criticism and may take mild statements of fact very personally.
Follow your instincts and act on them - stop sitting on fences. don't blindly trust people; learn to be a little more discriminating in your offers of help. learn to think for yourself and don't be swayed by persuasive tongues.

Scorpio (oct 24 - nov 21)
You have a revengeful streak and a long memory for past hu! rts. sometimes you're downright spiteful. when you suffer, you make sure others suffer along with you. sometimes, you may even use deception to get what you want and to influence others to stay out of your way. you may even believe these untruths and unrealistic fears will grow on you. once in a while, you may come across someone that just rubs you on the wrong side for no apparent reason and you make it your mission to bury him or her.
Flight the negative emotions that arise in you, and resentment will not sour your life. don't' give into temptation to tell lies, learn to conquer your strong tendency towards revenge and things will fall into place for you.

Sagittarius (nov 22 - dec 21)
You've got a big mouth and unwittingly hurt an insult people with it. you can even go to utter strangers and give unsolicited advice and comments. you also seem to enjoy verbal duels with others! whenever you can. and you sure can make sore losers, even suspecting foul play if things don't go your way. you have a knack for confrontation and you can't resist being sarcastic. you also don't think too much of many people, because you have mild superiority complex. vanity is also a trait in many of you.
Learn with whom you can be frank otherwise keep your comments to yourself. discretion is the better part of valor. curb your cockiness, and you can combine it with your concern for serious issues, aiding in your search for truth.