Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ART - My second play in Delhi

Mumbai introduced me to the play culture. Saw a few of them during my summers. Once you come back from Mumbai its everyone's pet peeve that Delhi does not offer similar avenues for an evening out as Mumbai does.

Anyways yesterday went for my second play in Delhi. 'Art' a French play translated into English with lead performances by Sumeet Tandon and Suhel Seth

Found this while googling for a review. It must consider my self lucky :P . It did manage it cheap considering it must have cost me a fortune to watch it at Illinios Theatre Center where it is being staged in January 2006

This brilliant Tony Award winning comedy examines the questions of “What is friendship?” and “What is art?” Three men, longtime friends, clash over the artistic and monetary value of a large white-on-white painting one of them has purchased. An internationally acclaimed hit, “ART” is intelligent, thought provoking, and wildly funny at the same time.

But funny it was and teh show made for a great evening. In the process got introducted to 'Kamani Centre' The have next week's schedule on theire website so you can plan ahead.

What I missed - I really want to go and see a Durga Pooja. Thought about going today but, missed it this year. Would definitely won't want to miss it next year. My bong friends are you listening.....