Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Am having a great time in Mumbai. Though would have preferrred a more elaborate project brief but can't complain about life outside office. Haji Ali and Heera Panna , Crossroads and Fashion Street, Mahabaleshwar and Alibaugh have seen them all.

Have been having discussions about which of the cities is better Mumbai /Delhi. The conclusion varied depending on what you want in life For professionalism & career growth definitely mumbai, convenience however is something you can not buy here.(Its too costly). Delhi has its own pluses. Lesser population, less crowded. Wider roads, lower cost of living. Infact bombay has become mumbai since I came here last, both figuratively & literally

Friday, April 09, 2004


Hello Mumbai. Am in mumbai for two months for my summers. Quite a place to be I must say. Have been a great fan of city since I visted it the first time with my parents some six- seven years ago. I just love the pace at which this place moves and the independence & professionalism that comes with it.

Live & work very close to the see so get to see chowpatty & marine drive when I am not sleeping.

Though being here means I won't be blogging much. But then good things in life come at a price

Hey catch me here while the fun lasts