Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Looking for a Lifepartner

It's that stage of life. When you know a lot of young people who have achieved a professional/educational milestone, such periods are inevitable. Completed my MBA last year and quite of few of my class/batch mates have already landed themselves much desired soul mates soon after joining their plum jobs. There are others who are active in the search phase,  and another lot who is trying the avoid this and savor the single/bachelor/maiden lifestyle.

What does my generation look for in a life partner ? What follows is what is got from the profile of a friend. The romantics among us might relate to this instantly. My apologies to the person for not taking his permission and infringing his copyright, but I can't express it any better than reiterating the words of the author.

"There will be ups and many downs in whoever chooses to come along with me in my journey, and i am looking for someone with a strong will. I'd prefer a smart, confident and sensitive life partner. It would be wonderful if she knew herself well.
I would prefer an intense/aggressive/outgoing person, but i am very open to a calm and sober person, provided her strength reflects in her attitude and convictions. I am fairly cosmopolitan ........................and have a post graduate degree in management from a well known b school. .................... pretty experimentative with life
All the best in your search"
All the best to you too dear friend and to everyone else who is going through a similar phase. May each one of us get our the person of our dreams.
Books that I have half finished with me - The Six Thinking Hats , 48 Laws of Power