Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well as my time as Mumbai draws to close, it has indeed been a learning ( and really enjoyable) experience. New friends and contacts , sightseeing and lots on practical enrichnments. "Summer projects are not about rocket science", to quote a friend of mine. Won't go in the details but This is one sentence any b-school student will identify with (after his/her summers ofcourse)

Anyways submitted the first draft of my report.Was generally appreciated. (Though its different I don't see what is there to appreciate about it).There has been a lot of learning in terms of structured financing though. And no it seems I can't say I have a hand in giving the money that went into developing of the first planned hill station town of India- the loan was refused. ( I shouldn't complain I am the one who has been describing the plan as unviable from the beginning )

Preparations are up the grand party that happens during summers one event everyone is looking forward to- The Alumni Meet. Called up some people and talked to them it felt really nice to realize the Xl bond. People you don't know you seem all eager to attend to you.

Have had the first rains of the season.Something like pre-monsoon showers od delhi. Yes the rains are different but still I think delhi feels better after rains pretty logical because the place is less humid...