Monday, September 19, 2005

Life After B-School

The difference in life in a b-school and life after that
a) In a bschool you pay to get educated, after b-school you are paid real world experience.

b) In a bschool you stay up late in the midlle of night to watch movies. After b-school people go out and watch movies in office time or better still spend those normal hours the office cafeteria; and spend late nights working on that presentation because that is the only way your boss will believe you work hard.

c) In a b-school you pay to take a flight and travel. After b-school the company pays for your flight and sometimes even boarding & loading. This happens as long as you get up at groggy ungodly hours of the morning to catch that the flight for some good-for-nothing-meeting & then catch a flight back at the time when should actually be hitting the club to finally reach back home in wee hours of the morning.

This is series one. Will post some more as reflections on my years of work experience.

Life Outside Office

I look at my social accomplishments chart for this month. Two movies & two books. Pretty decent. I have been making good use of my time outside office. Have met my old college friends too.

The two months that I saw this month have both been ok. In fact Iqbal was a really good one. A simple yet powerful tale. Highly recommended. Nasserudin Shah's performance is amazing

The other one Salaam Namaste was a typical Hindi movie. The fast half is good, fast and thrilling. The second half was a shouting competition between Saif and Preity. And lots of tear-shedding

Watched Skeleton too a few days later. I love scary movies but this one was ordinary. Yes, there is a suspense and a twist in the end which the director tried to do it the Shamalayan way but my rating - Ordinary stuff.

On October 2, I saw the - "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara". - Urmila and Anupam Kher. If one thing you can watch the movie for is Anupam's acting. Classic , simply amazing. Reminds me of Saaransh (tale of a old father and the anguish he goes through in getting his dead son's remains released from Customs). In MGKNM, Anupam's portrayal of man who is guilt ridden because he killed Gandhi is touching. Urmila too has really come of age since her Rangeela days.

In all I have done a lot of work, beyond office
Books that I read last month - Tipping Point & The Alchemist.
I am far from competing with some fellows who claim to be reading two or three books in parallel but I try to console myself - after all I am working hard in office too :)