Sunday, February 29, 2004

If next ten days in my life go smoothly i ' think i 'll sail through this term
neways have macro eco quiz tomorrow. And I am damn scared. The other day we heard some eco grads saying the proff has touched upon everthing they did in the last 5 years starting from class XI.

Ya there are some disadvantages of having teachers who know their course too well. Every time we ask her a question she uses it to delve into a whole new concept. Neways all said and done I really like the proff. Maybe my fascination for eco has something to do with my being an engineer.

Amazing what all are you supposed to know in MBA. FRom accounts to OR to production. We have our Production proff who has a compalint that the students in generall do not go for the subject because they don't find interesting/paying enuff.

To quote a friend of mine..."Wat is this world coming to'

Monday, February 23, 2004

Well, its my time to make a statement which has been attributed to me so often that I have started beliving that I actually said it ;). I am waiting for the grind to start. Don't have much of an option actually. The next 30 or more days are almost packed. A quiz or a midterm or a project submission everyday henceforth. Maybe its time time to pay whatever relaxation we got from proff's for CRP so far.Things are hectic for other reasons also

Come to think of it an FM case session from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. I am mightly pleased.Makes you feel you really are in a B-School.

On second thoughts as a stage in my life, B-School has been a learning experience much more about how things and people behave Than just functional knowledge. Though sometimes I have my own doubts if my perceptions & inferences are actually true. How much of things can you take at face value afterall? Its really amazing to see Organizational Behaviour in play. So much of action and really interesting stuff. Fundas For Power, Politics, Influence (infact we have electives being offered by people to deal with things like those outside this place), so much to see observe and imbibe. Looks strange sometimes, I mean the stakes are not as high as people believe them to be. Maybe its too easy to get carried away, loose your touch with the ground coz its a big B-School. I hope unlike some of my friends, I don't find that world outside really strange, difficult etc etc. Afterall it can't be very differnt from this. As compared to this engineering college used to be simpler.

Its really great fun whatever goes around :) Lost of action and I am not complaining. It would not have been complete without this i guess. My only contention, Will I learn enough just by observing or should i jump in too ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Strategic Marketing
Interesting article by some from IIMC this about latest developments and changes in the Life Insurance business. After IT, Pharma and Telecom probably insurance in another sector set in for growth. I didn't realize we have 13 Private sector Life Insurance companies now. Infact we had three of the big ones coming over for our CRP.
With stagnation coming up in developed countries it seems we have companies who are ready to join hands with Indian firms to to use their reach and understanding of the markets. Interestingly enough the article gives LIC its due and does not blindly support the supposed win formula of private sector to focus only on urban markets.
Though my info is a little old but there was a time when LIC was the only public sector Insurance firm which has a profitable underwriting business.The other General Insurance companies used their investing income to finance their underwriting operations
Looking at the growth though, I really think I should have pushed the cause of private sector with dad a little more.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Satyam to expand in Chennai, hire 3,000 - The Economic Times
I have started noticing such headlines much more I guess.india Shining or whatever , I guess whatever they write say & tell makes much sense to you when it touches your life. Placemnets are over and i am back to blogging.Needless to say they were awesome. Days lots of hard work and now the party mood all around after that.We have had two wet nights (booze & dance parties) in three days after that.

But coming back to the real issue, I see the point how all those numbers:the sensex, the GDP, The Forex Reserves, The FDI etc etc make a direct impact on my life and also that of others around me. The exapnsion mode has ensured that 'The Firms' are investing into producing more, in turn needing more people and leading to the bonanza that we & other B-Schools are having.

Not that I didn't know all that but just that with Placements this year I am directly seeing macroecominics in practice so close to me.
Anyways these news items also set the trend for next year (or so quite a few of us hope :) things are going to be better.

With seniors moving out , infact quite a few of them have already left, the moody is slightly senti too. There are congratulations and you did it for us messages floating around. I am amazed at the effort put into the thing by people of by batch, the Logs, Controls, Services and Stucos & Cocos. I guess its just comes naturally to you here.The reverse dunking and getting even, the informal committee handovers and thank you treats, my discovery of XL continues.