Monday, May 30, 2005

The knowledge economy/software boom

This will be an eye opening reading for many. That Indian IT story is big no doubt and we often get carried but this ET article carries the point home. The Indian IT story is still minisicule as compared to the old economy. For a starter, one old economy company and a PSU at that, has higher net profit than our top 5/6 IT companies combined. Today when new age IT companies celebrate their topline touching billion dollars , its bottom line is touching a billion.

This is not a stock recommendation for SAIL but the point is Indian old economy has carried this nation this far and is still going equally strong. Not to deny the Indian service sector its due, it is high time we realize the contribution of old economy sectors and the PSUs.The ET article by the way is here.

I am still here

This seems more like an outcry. Checked my own blog to find out that laziness has got the better of me . My last post was almost three months back. Looks like ages.

Here I gear for another phase of life. Xl is over and those two years have become a unerasable part of my life. When I got in a busines school I never realized the impact it will have on me as a person and the opportunity it beheld.

Today I gear to embrace another phase of life as a working professional with a lot of anticipation and excitement. Its another few days to my joining and I plan to be back to blogging regularly..
Till then adios..