Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cherished Memories - I really miss you

I really do. I miss those long days and sometimes whole nights spend with you. You were always there for you when I needed and you never complained when I didn't give you enough time (which of course you will agree was very rare).

You always seemed to have an answer when I had a question and often mesmerized me the results and wealth of information and the variety of perspective you could provide.

It didn't matter what purpose it was - academic or extra-curricular, business or fun, to have fun in a group of friends with a thriller or comedy or to curl up with a romantic movie - you never complained or resisted, you just went along.

Sometimes when I was really sad and wanted to run away from the world, you were the one to turn to. After all you were never judged me. Whether I wanted to express it with sad songs or pen it in down (for myself or for others), you always had a way, an option, an alternative; a possibility how it could be done.

And when I wanted a gala celebration a grand party with people, food and loud music, you were the one that made it possible. We all had fun because you were there.

I often complained. Insisted on redoing and rearranging stuff, and often left you working through nights and sometimes for days so that I could save my time, finish my work faster

I am human, so left you behind when I thought that was more appropriate. My dear, trust me the memories are still cherished. You have a place in my place in my life which is indisputably yours. You might not be with me but you are still mine.

My dearest Personal Computer with 24 hours broadband connection, you indeed were the one for me. I miss you. I come and try to replicate being with you but this plasma screen monitor and these plush surroundings are hardly a match for the bond we shared.

What I have been reading lately - Shantaram by Gregory Roberts (Amazing stuff, kind of enlightened me to Mumbai, highly recommended. Warning - Is a huge book)

Kaavya Viswnathan's - HOMGKGWGAL ( Controversy made me buy this. Might be an entertainer for a college kid but no great shakes otherwise)

Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen - have just started.