Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Grind - Getting into the corporate groove

Finished B-School and joined corporate life. Just realized that 'the grind' I was waiting for is right here. Its hectic, its tense and there is a lot of pressure. Pressure to meet targets & perform. Its amazing because there is so much excitement in the air. I love the place where I work and the people with whom I do my job, I don't recall anyone telling me anything other than taking things as a learning opportunity. But the place is so charged and people are running so fast that there is a natural instinct to run, to beat, to achieve. Everybody talks in terms of over achievement of targets.

Now I know what all those talks meant. A growing sector, liberalization affect, changing perspectives and all those things. I discover something new and different everyday. But is comforting to talk with my fellow management trainees. It just helps to know that there are people going through the same 'teething problems' as I call it.

As compared to this business school was a cake walk. As a friend of mine in Bombay said, " A sales job or sales stint develops a new respect for people in your eyes."

And for another friend of mine.. THE GRIND is right here and.., I am loving it

For others I work in the financial services sector & and apart from my primary job do Investment consultation/Tax Planning for free. Do contact me.

Till I am this free again, adios... and wish me luck
Book that I am reading these days - 'The Tipping Point'